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About Cheyenne Ross

Clinical Intern

I am a student intern here at Dragonfly, working towards a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Southern New Hampshire University.  As an emerging therapist, I lean into a client-centered view of counseling.  I approach counseling with warmth and humor in order to build a strong therapeutic bond between myself and my clients, and I believe creating this bond is essential to experiencing lasting change. I strive to understand the world from the perspective of the individual sitting across from me.  No two individuals have lived the same experience; we all have different family and cultural backgrounds, life experiences, goals, values, talents, and beliefs that shape our picture of the world around us.   My goal as a therapist is to create an environment that feels safe and responsive enough for my clients to tell me when I misinterpret or misunderstand their experience, so we can work together to come towards a better understanding of how they see and experience the world.

I provide my clients with my support, natural sense of curiosity and love of learning as they walk on their individual journey through life, whatever that may look like in this present moment.  I believe emotions motivate us towards action, therefore they act as the agent of change in therapy.  By leaning into our emotions, we can make lasting changes in our lives.  My work with clients is heavily influenced by Attachment Theory as well as Erikson’s psychosocial stages of development.  I am enjoying learning Dialectical Behavioral Theory (DBT) through co-leading one of our DBT Skills Groups.  I view my role as a therapist as a privilege, and I welcome the opportunity to take the journey with you.


My Experience

  • JMG Specialist, Oak Hill High School for Jobs for Maine                      Graduates

My Education

  • MA, Clinical Mental Health Counseling (anticipated August 2022), Southern New Hampshire University
  • BA, Human Services, Southern New Hampshire University

I Work With Individuals & Groups

Individual Therapy

One-on-one, individualized treatment with an experienced therapist.

Group Therapy

Skills & support in a small group setting





9 Bowdoin Mill Island Topsham, ME 04086


Mon-Fri 8am-6pm   appointment